5:27PM December 31, 2018

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4:26PM December 31, 2018

SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE… The severe weather situation today has so far happened exactly as the forecast called for. There have been a few stronger storms across north Mississippi, north Alabama, and Tennessee where several severe thunderstorms have happened. It’s been a mostly dreary day across south Alabama and northwest Florida with temperatures stuck around 70°. We’re tracking the main line of thunderstorms back over Mississippi, currently draped from north to south near the I-55 corridor near Hattiesburg, Meridian, extending southward to near Slidell and New Orleans. Out ahead of the main line of storms, NUMEROUS tiny rain showers are happening across our local area. Heavier pockets of rain are currently happening over Thomasville, Coffeeville, and Chatom.

NEXT FEW HOURS… We’ll monitor the main line of thunderstorms closely as it approaches west Alabama. So far, the atmospheric parameters supportive of severe weather have been paltry/weak across the entirety of our region. Good news! The tornado risk won’t be zero across west Alabama over the next few hours, but it certainly is not high. Have a way to receive warnings over the next several hours. Odds are we will not have any tornado warnings locally, but I can’t rule that possibility out entirely just yet. The severe weather risk will end probably in the 8PM-9PM timeframe locally.

MIDNIGHT FORECAST… Many folks will be out and about around midnight as we usher in 2019. Other than a few rain showers and areas of fog, I am not expecting severe weather after 8-9PM. Thunder and lightning will be possible, but even that may be a stretch at this point considering how weak instability values have been so far today.

More updates will be posted over the next several hours in the RedZone Weather app.

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3:18PM December 31, 2018

SCATTERED SHOWERS CONTINUE… Numerous small rain showers continue to develop and drift generally northeastward across south Alabama and northwest Florida. The main line of thunderstorms that we are tracking this evening is over SE Mississippi approaching the Interstate 55 corridor. This line of storms will move to the east over the next few hours. The overall risk of severe weather is LOW, but not quite zero just yet. We’ll keep watching!

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12:05PM December 31, 2018

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