7:03AM March 30, 2018

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7:21PM March 29, 2018

LOW-END RISK OF SEVERE WEATHER GRADUALLY ENDING… Numerous showers and thunderstorms continue to move eastward across southwest Alabama and northwest Florida. Rain and occasional lightning are set to continue into the late evening hours, but the severe weather risk is gradually subsiding in areas in the western part of our area. From now through 10PM, the rain and storms will be moving into Covington County, AL and much of northwest Florida. Heavy rain will start in Pensacola/Milton/Pace within the hour.

THREAT ENDING FOR WEST ALABAMA… The threat of severe weather has ended for Clarke and Washington counties. The risk has also lessened substantially for Mobile and Monroe counties. The Storm Prediction Center has stripped most of these areas out of their severe weather risk zone. Again, there may be a few more showers and storms in these areas, but the severe weather risk has ended over west Alabama.

LOW-END RISK CONTINUES FOR NW FL & SOUTH AL… At the time this update is being produced as of 7:15PM, the heaviest rain locally is near Brewton, East Brewton, Jay, Century, Flomaton, Molino, Appleton, and Lenox. This band of rain and storms will continue to shift eastward in the next few hours. If you’re in Pensacola, Navarre, Crestview, or Destin, I know it’s been quiet much of the day, but the next few hours will feature your low-end severe weather risk. Have a way to receive urgent weather warnings just in case we happen to have one of these storms that starts to rotate. Not a likelihood at this point, just a low possibility.

GREAT WEATHER FOR GOOD FRIDAY… Since this will probably be my last update here on Facebook Live (unless we happen to have a tornado warning, which at this point looks unlikely), let’s look ahead to Good Friday and the weekend… GREAT weather is upcoming over the next three days once we get this complex of storms out of our area to the east. Clearing skies are expected on Good Friday with high temperatures around 72 in most spots.

Thank you so much for watching our coverage over the last few days leading up to this event. As always, we appreciate you liking and interacting with our content as that helps us out tremendously by getting our urgent weather info out to even more people.

I’ll have my eyes on the radar with more posts in the RedZone Weather app and on Twitter this evening. Let me know if you have specific questions. Have a great evening!

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6:24PM March 29, 2018

Another heavy band of rain is moving across southern Monroe, western Escambia [AL], northern Escambia [FL], and Baldwin counties. We’re tracking this line of storms as it moves eastward. For now, no warnings, but very heavy rain and some lightning has been observed with this line of storms. Here’s a look at approximate arrival times for the leading edge of this line…

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5:05PM March 29, 2018

Thunderstorms are approaching Greenville, Georgiana, and Chapman in Butler County as of 5:05PM. Heavy rain and storms are about to inundate much of the Interstate 65 corridor south of Montgomery.

Some of the most intense thunderstorms currently affecting Alabama are situated over Lake Martin, Alexander City, and much of Tallapoosa County in central Alabama. Significant Weather Advisories continue for much of Tallapoosa and Elmore counties, meaning storms here are quite strong and just under severe limits.

This main line of thunderstorms is also sliding through Montgomery and Wetumpka, bringing very heavy rain and intermittent lightning to Alabama’s capital city.

Here’s a radar view from KMXX (Maxwell Air Force Base radar in northern Macon County) as of 5:05PM…

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4:41PM March 29, 2018

Heavy rain and storms are starting now near Poarch, Huxford, and Atmore along Alabama Highway 21. These storms are associated with the main line of thunderstorms that are progressively moving from west to east across our area.

Pop up showers continue to dot the landscape out ahead of this main line of storms. At the time of this update as of 4:41PM, we note showers are happening near McDavid, Century, Flomaton, Kirkland, Bradley, Repton, and Burnt Corn.

Storms will move through much of Escambia and Conecuh counties in Alabama over the next 1-2 hours. Brewton, Evergreen, Flomaton, Pineview, Evergreen, Lenox, Owassa, Castleberry, Boykin, Brooklyn, Johnsonville… This means the main of storms will be moving through your area in the next 90 minutes or so.

The low-end severe weather risk continues over the next 3-4 hours across much of our area due to a potential for damaging straight line wind gusts. Please have a way to receive warnings. I should be able to give a “severe weather all clear” by 8PM.

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