7:20AM April 26, 2018

SCATTERED SHOWERS & STORMS TODAY… Numerous showers and a few embedded thunderstorms will move across south Alabama and northwest Florida from west to east today. We note a few showers are already happening across west Alabama this morning. Rain will progressively move eastward throughout the day.

SEVERE WEATHER RISK REMAINS LOW… The Storm Prediction Center continues to outlook our area in their “general thunderstorm” (aka Level 0) zone in the latest Convective Outlook. This means that thunderstorms will be possible, but overall, the severe weather risk remains low. Tornadoes, large hail, and damaging winds are not expected. If any severe weather does occur, it would likely be a “one off” thing where you have a brief gust of wind. All this means: No big deal today! Good news.

TIMING OF RAIN/STORMS… Showers and storms will move by mainly now to 4PM. I expect that all rain and storms will be to our east by 6PM this evening. Vast majority of evening events should end up being dry.

FEW SHOWERS ON FRIDAY EVENING… Today will be the last bigger rain event for awhile. Friday could feature a few isolated showers across our region. Most of these showers will likely happen between 7PM Friday and 2AM on Sunday, based on the latest model data.

WARMER DAYS AHEAD… We all know it has to get warmer at some point as we head into the summer months. It looks like Sunday will kick off a period of warmer weather. Sunshine returns for Sunday through Tuesday as high temperatures rise into the mid-80s.

I’ve got all the details for you in the Thursday #rzw forecast video in the post below… Have a great day!

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