5:54PM May 16, 2018

STORMS ACROSS THE REGION… We’ve had a numerous amount of showers and thunderstorms across south Alabama and northwest Florida today. Storms have been most numerous WEST of I-65, compared to most spots east of 65 getting much of the action over the last few days.

Thank you to the MANY folks who sent in their sights today from around the region. Lots of scary-looking clouds, but not much in the way of severe weather.

As of 5:55PM, we’ve got a strong thunderstorm producing heavy rain and lots of lightning basically on top of Dixonville, Riverview, Travis Road, and Sellersville. Another storm has just popped up near Lyeffion in Conecuh County. The stronger storm axis is now in Choctaw and Marengo counties, where they’ve been dry and hot for much of the day.

All of the storms will gradually fade in the next few hours, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see a few storms linger a bit longer into the evening hours in isolated spots, however, as the influence of the area of low pressure is now at its greatest across our region.

I expect another round of primarily P.M. thunderstorms on Thursday. Here’s a look at the radar as of 5:55PM.

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