9:05AM May 25, 2018

The National Hurricane Center is indicating there is a very high chance we will be tracking Tropical Storm Alberto in the next 24 hours. There is a high chance advisories will need to be initiated later today. Here’s the latest visible satellite shot showing thunderstorm action has increased drastically on the eastern flank of the system…

I’m observing several ship reports from the western Caribbean that suggest barometric pressure has declined to the 1003-1007mb range. Wind gusts are in the 25-35mph range. A tropical depression may be in the early stages of forming.

The National Hurricane Center continues to indicate a 90% chance that a tropical storm will form over the next 4 days. NHC has also increased the risk of formation in the next 24-36 hours to 90%, thus advisories may be initiated later today.

Expected local impacts continue to be very heavy rain that could lead to a major flash flooding/flood event, possible tornadoes, coastal flooding, and gusty winds at area beaches.

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