6:54PM May 28, 2018

COVINGTON COUNTY FLASH FLOODING… *Extremely* high rainfall rates are happening across the southern half of Covington County in places like Wing, Red Oak, Florala, Huckaville, McRae, and Lockhart. Please DO NOT DRIVE unless you absolutely have to in southern Covington County, as flash flooding IS happening.

We recommend no driving right now due to heavy rain/highly likely flash flooding on the following roadways…

  • U.S. Highway 29 south of Andalusia
  • The entirety of AL137/FL189 between Pleasant Home down to Baker, FL.
  • AL55 from Andalusia through Libertyville southward all the way to Florala.
  • US331 south of Opp to Florala.
  • County Highway 4 from Lockhart all the way over to Bradley in Escambia County, AL.

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