8:08AM June 2, 2018

ISOLATED STRONG STORMS LATER TODAY… The Storm Prediction Center has included much of Alabama in their Level 1 “marginal” risk zone to potentially see a few strong thunderstorms later today. Damaging straight line wind gusts and hail will be the concerns as the tornado risk remains VERY low. We should have a good bit of sunshine across south Alabama and northwest Florida throughout the day. Temperatures will soar into the mid-90s this afternoon, which will build heat content in the atmosphere and allow any storms that develop to quickly grow into strong thunderstorms.

STORMS THIS MORNING… We note that several thunderstorms are sliding southeast across inland areas of our region this morning. As of 7:55AM, storms are happening near Monroeville, Frisco City, Peterman, Poarch, Wawbeek, and Flomaton. These storms are producing a good bit of lightning but are not severe.

LEVEL 1 RISK… Many of our inland communities are involved in the low-end, Level 1 (out of 5) risk today. Thomasville, Grove Hill, Jackson, Chatom, Millry, Fruitdale, Wagerville, Coffeeville, Gilbertown, Butler, Silas, Monroeville, Beatrice, Vrendenburgh, Uriah, Atmore, Poarch, Huxford, Stockton, Evergreen, Repton, Castleberry, Greenville, Georgiana, McKenzie, Luverne, and Camden all have a marginally higher severe weather risk today compared to communities farther to the south.

LOW-END RISK SPECIFICS… No issues are likely through 10AM. Storms will begin to progressively bubble up across our area between 11AM and 1PM with the core of the low-end severe weather threat being 2PM to 8PM. Again, this almost certainly won’t be a tornado risk day, this is a strong wind/hail risk day. Scattered storms are likely this afternoon and this evening, and there is a chance that some spots stay dry all day into this evening. The scattered storms will produce very heavy downpours of rain, lots of cloud-to-ground lightning, gusty winds, and potentially even some small hail. It’s the (likely very few) storms that ramp up to severe level that have prompted this Level 1 risk. Quarter size hail and gusty winds in excess of 58 mph will be the concerns in the severe storms.

There could be a few lingering storms well into the evening hours, but nearly all of the storms should fade by midnight.

SUNDAY STORMS… Tomorrow will be similar to today in that there could be a few storms around our area on the stronger side. The tornado threat will again be very, very low, but there may be a few stronger storms that produce hail and gusty winds on Sunday afternoon/evening.

DRIER DAYS AHEAD… Monday through Thursday of the upcoming week look to be a bit drier compared to the last few weeks. Rain chances will be highly supressed as a front moves through early in the week, bringing in some slightly drier air. Humidity levels should be lower than seasonal averages for much of the week. Still humid, but not our normal south Alabama and northwest Florida “summer humid normal.”

BEACH FORECAST… A good bit of sunshine is likely today at our Alabama & NW Florida beaches with temperatures around 91° by 2PM. The core of the low-end severe weather risk will be to the north, but there still could be a few pop-up storms around at the beaches this afternoon.

APP ALERTS… I’ll have plenty of radar updates later today as needed here in the RedZone Weather app. Be sure to visit the Alerts tab (bottom right corner here in the app) and set up the customized alerts you would like to receive from me. Simply tap the large, yellow “Alert Settings” tab.

Have a great Saturday! Let me know if you have any weather questions.

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