4:47PM June 3, 2018

ANOTHER ROUND OF STORMS INCOMING… Strong thunderstorms have fired up this evening in Choctaw, Marengo, Wilcox, and Dallas counties across west central Alabama. These storms are moving south and will enter the northern parts of Clarke, Monroe, and Washington counties over the next hour or so. It appears this setup is similar to a mesoscale convective system (MCS), meaning there is a chance these storms could push from north to south across the entirety of our region. The storms today could ramp up briefly to severe levels, and the Storm Prediction Center continues to maintain a low-end, marginal risk of severe weather for the entirety of south Alabama and northwest Florida.

HEADS UP NORTHERN CLARKE COUNTY… The thunderstorm in southern Marengo County is rapidly moving south into the northern half of Clarke County right now. Heavy rain and lots of lightning is expected shortly in Thomasville, Tallahatta Springs, Campbell, Morvin, Bashi, McEntyre, Chilton, Sandflat, Fulton, and Midway. Here is a current look at the radar view zoomed in on this area…

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