1:29PM June 10, 2018

STORMS THIS AFTERNOON; TROPICS QUIET FOR NOW… The “daily deluge” of seabreeze-induced showers and thunderstorms is already in full swing across south Alabama and northwest Florida on this Sunday. The good news to report today is that the tropics remain QUIET. Tropical storm formation is unlikely over the next several days. Our weather pattern will remain remarkably consistent over the next 7 days. Let’s talk details…

NO TROPICAL TROUBLE… Let me summarize the following details by stating that tropical storm development is now unlikely over the next 5-6 days. Great news! The Global Forecast System (GFS) and several other lower profile models suggested that there was a potential for tropical mischief in the Gulf of Mexico later this week into this weekend. That is now off the board. The GFS has consistently suggested a tropical storm would form, all while pushing the possibility back out beyond the 7 day forecast window. The ECMWF (Euro) model and many, many others continue to suggest NO issues, clearly making the GFS an outlier at this point. We’re now in hurricane season, so we must be diligent in monitoring the tropics, but as of this moment, we’re in the clear!

LOCAL STORMS PACK A PUNCH… These brief, scattered thunderstorms that will pop up across south Alabama and northwest Florida today will inevitably “pack a punch” in certain locations. You know the drill… No tornado issues, but gusty winds, hail, and very heavy rain are likely in the stronger storms. Cloud-to-ground lightning will also be a significant concern. Please have a way to check the radar this afternoon. One way you can do that is in the all new, updated version of the RedZone Weather app (redzoneweather.com/app is the link for the free download).

CONSISTENT FORECAST AHEAD… Morning sunshine with afternoon/evening storms is what you can expect in each of the next 7 days. Highs around 90 with morning lows around 70. If that doesn’t sound like a south Alabama and northwest Florida summer forecast, I don’t know what does! Very little in the way of severe issues and the tornado threat will be basically zero.

I’ve got all the details for you in your Sunday evening #rzw forecast video here… Have a great evening!

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