4:45PM June 10, 2018

STORMS TO CONTINUE… Here’s a quick check of the satellite/radar composite showing numerous showers and thunderstorms that continue to bubble up across south Alabama and northwest Florida. I wouldn’t be shocked to see more storms pop up over Baldwin, Mobile, Clarke, Washington, and Monroe counties over the next few hours since most spots in those counties have been dry and exposed to ample sunshine today thus far. Compare that to Covington County, which has been drenched all afternoon! I’m also watching storms right now north of Brewton near Castleberry and Sandcut. There’s also a few storms moving into Bratt and Walnut Hill as of 4:45PM.

Storms will mostly remain under severe limits today. There could be one or two more storms that briefly ramp up to severe levels due to a brief large hail and damaging wind gust threat. The tornado threat today remains near ZERO.

Storms will fade between 8 and 11PM.

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