6:53AM June 10, 2018

P.M. POP-UP STORMS LIKELY TODAY… Our weather forecast is on repeat over the next few days across south Alabama and northwest Florida. Most of us will be dry in the mornings, followed by most of us having afternoon and evening pop-up thunderstorms. High temperatures will be around 90 today and over the next few days.

TROPICS REMAIN QUIET… The National Hurricane Center says tropical storm formation is not expected across the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, or Atlantic Ocean over the next five days. The Global Forecast System (GFS) and several other lower profile models suggested that there was a potential for tropical mischief in the Gulf of Mexico later this week into this weekend. That is now off the board. The GFS has consistently suggested a tropical storm would form, all while pushing the possibility back out beyond the 7 day forecast window. The ECMWF (Euro) model and many, many others continue to suggest NO issues, clearly making the GFS an outlier at this point. We’re now in hurricane season, so we must be diligent in monitoring the tropics, but as of this moment, we’re in the clear.

I’ve got all your forecast details in your Monday #rzw forecast video… Have a great day!

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