7:23PM June 22, 2018

A Severe Thunderstorm Warning is in effect until 8PM for northwest Washington and much of Choctaw counties in west Alabama. A severe storm capable of producing damaging wind gusts and hail is currently moving toward Millry, Silas, Gilbertown, Needham, Butler, Shady Grove, and Chapel Hill from the west.

Above is a wide view of the radar display across the region… NO weather-related issues for 99% percent of us across the region. I expect these thunderstorms in Mississippi to cross the state line into Alabama and ultimately weaken as we lose daytime heating. If you’re in Thomasville, Campbell, Coffeeville, Grove Hill, Chatom, Fulton, Zimco, or Whatley, there is a chance you will have heavy rain and thunder before all is said and done over the next 2 hours.

Well to our north, there is a Tornado Warning in effect for much of Cullman County, Alabama. There is some evidence, based on radar data, that debris was lofted into the sky by a tornado near and just west of the West Point community, which is a smaller community northwest of Cullman. We encourage everyone in the City of Cullman and surrounding areas in Cullman County to be SHELTERED right now. The tornado threat across southwest Alabama and northwest Florida remains near zero.

Here’s a look at that tornado warning…

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