6:32AM June 23, 2018

LOWER RAIN CHANCES TODAY; QUITE HOT… Temperatures will peak in the mid-90s this afternoon across south Alabama and northwest Florida under mostly sunny skies. Rain chances today will be lower than previous days. We’ll call it a 10% chance of a shower or thunderstorm across the area. Vast majority of spots across our region will be dry and warm all day.

BEACH FORECAST… Plenty of sunshine is likely throughout the day at the Alabama and northwest Florida beaches. Really good beach weather today, overall. The chance of a pop-up storm is very low, but it’s not zero. Temperatures at the coast will be near 90°.

INCREASING RAIN CHANCES AHEAD… Seabreeze-induced showers and thunderstorms will return on Sunday and Monday. Rain chances will increase to around a 40% chance by Monday afternoon. Again, just like the last week or so, not everyone will be wet, but isolated downpours will be possible.

NICE VIEW FROM CULLMAN… The gorgeous view attached is from Jill Howell last evening in Cullman County, Alabama. Multiple tornadoes happened in the northern part of Cullman County last evening as a supercell thunderstorm moved by. Multiple structures, including multiple mobile homes, were destroyed. One infant was injured in one of the mobile homes that was destroyed. The severe weather/tornado risk today across south Alabama and northwest Florida is basically nil.

Have a nice Saturday!

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