5:42PM June 28, 2018

Recorded Live Video Above; Current Radar (5:42PM 6/28/2018) Below

SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING – MONROE, CONECUH, BUTLER… Northern Monroe, northern Conecuh counties in addition to all of Butler County are all now under a severe thunderstorm warning valid until 6:15PM. Beatrice, Lyeffion, Midway, Greenville, Georgiana, McKenzie, Grace, Garland, Starlington included.

SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH; INTENSE STORMS MOVING SOUTH… All of south Alabama and northwest Florida is now under a severe thunderstorm watch until midnight as an intense squall line of thunderstorms moves toward our area from the north. There have been hundreds of confirmed reports of trees down across Alabama this afternoon. These are not “ordinary” severe thunderstorm warnings – they’re warnings that truly “mean business.” These storms are headed our way and will likely arrive between 6 to 9PM depending on where specifically you are across our region.

HIGH LEVEL ALERT TEST POSTPONED… Due to the fact that we will have severe thunderstorms moving across our area, we have postponed the High Level Alert Test that was scheduled for 8PM this evening. We will reschedule the test/contest at a later date.

SEVERE STORMS MOVING SOUTH… This QLCS (squall line) has done an incredible amount of damage across the northern half of Alabama on this Thursday afternoon. There have been MANY reports of trees down across the state. At this hour, the cities of Montgomery, Auburn, Tuscaloosa, Centreville, Clanton, Marion, Prattville, Tuskegee, and Wetumpka remain under a Severe Thunderstorm WARNING.

DAMAGING WIND THREAT… No tornado issues today, but it may not matter if we continue to have widespread damage in the form of trees being blown down. If/when your location goes under a severe thunderstorm warning, please be inside and don’t be driving in this mess unless you absolutely have to! There also is a low-end risk of large hail. Again, the tornado risk remains negligible, but storms are packing a punch today with many reports of damaging wind gusts.

TIMING… This mass of storms is moving south and will arrive in our local area this evening. Wilcox, Choctaw, Marengo, Butler, Crenshaw, Monroe, Clarke, and Conecuh counties will be first up to see strong storms. Storms will reach these areas between 6 and 9PM. Storms will continue to slide south and likely begin to weaken between 8 and 10PM as they approach coastal areas.

APP ALERTS… Be sure to join me in the RedZone Weather app for constant rolling updates as we track this line of storms. Check out the Alerts tab in the bottom right corner and then tap the large, yellow “Alert Settings” button to customize the alerts you would like to receive from me. More updates shortly…

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