8:45PM June 28, 2018

ALL CLEAR FOR MOST AREAS… The severe weather threat has ended for majority of south Alabama and northwest Florida as a line of severe storms continues moving southwest. If you’re in Mobile County or the southern half of Baldwin County, you’re under a severe thunderstorm warning until 9:15PM. Everyone else, however, gets an all clear from the severe weather threat. Lightning, thunder, and rain will continue over the next few hours across the region, but the severe weather threat has ended for northwest Florida and interior regions of south Alabama.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the gentleman that was killed in Lineville, AL earlier today due to a tree falling on his vehicle. I’ve received no other injury or fatality reports, however I continue to get a constant stream of damage reports. There are MANY, many trees down across the state and the region due to this intense line of storms that have moved by. Thousands remain without power across our region and across Alabama. I know it’s going to be a long evening for those of you without power.

THANK YOU so much to everyone who sent in reports, pictures, and damage info today. I could not do my job as well as it should be done without your support. Thank you! You can always send in pics via the RedZone Weather app in the Share tab. Be sure to include your name BEFORE you upload a pic. I get a lot of pictures with no location or name info. Please be sure to include your info so I can properly credit you!

Have a great evening. I’ll have a few more updates this evening here in the RZWeather app and on rzweather.com.

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