6:54AM June 29, 2018

STORMS AROUND TODAY, BUT NOT LIKE YESTERDAY… After what will be remebered as a major derecho event for Alabama and northwest Florida yesterday, numerous showers and thunderstorms will be around in the afternoon and evening hours today and over the weekend. No areas should have “all day washout-type” rain, but the pop-up storms that do form will produce heavy rain and gusty winds. I am NOT expecting widespread severe weather like we saw last evening when a high impact derecho-type event happened. There could, however, be a few stronger storms around that briefly ramp up to severe levels. High temperatures over the next few days will remain in the low- to mid-90s.

HUNDREDS OF TREES DOWN ACROSS ALABAMA… There were hundreds of storm damage reports across the Deep South yesterday as a powerful derecho-type storm system moved by. Vast majority of the reports were because of trees falling due to strong damaging straight line winds. I am still surprised just how strong the outflow winds were out ahead of the main line of storms! Some of the damage that happened in our local area (downed tree limbs, etc.) was because of the wind out ahead of the storms. While there were NO tornadoes to speak of on Thursday, this event goes to show that it does NOT take tornadoes to do extensive, widespread damage. We note several structures were struck by lightning across our region as well, with at least one home near Sandcut having a major lightning strike well after the passage of the main line of storms.

HIGH-LEVEL ALERT TEST POSTPONED… Due to the severe storms and hazardous weather last evening, we postponed the High-Level Alert Test/giveaway contest that was supposed to happen at 8PM last evening. We will announce a rescheduled time to have the High-Level Alert Test and the giveaway next week. Severe weather always gets priority!

I’ve got all the forecast details for you in your Friday #rzw forecast video that will be posted shortly here in the RZWeather app… Enjoy the weekend!

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