6:55AM July 5, 2018

P.M. STORMS AGAIN; TWO TROPICAL HOTSPOTS… The weather headline has not changed for south Alabama and northwest Florida: Showers and thunderstorms will again pop up primarily this afternoon and this evening. We are monitoring two areas of note in the tropics today, one tropical wave well east of the Lesser Antilles and one area of low preesure near Bermuda. Here are all the details…

SLIGHTLY INCREASED RAIN CHANCES… There were a few pop-up thunderstorms around on the 4th of July yesterday, but vast majority of us stayed dry. I know many folks in Pensacola were annoyed by the rain last evening around 9PM during the fireworks show. Today, rain coverage will be increased slightly compared to yesterday. Scattered downpours of heavy rain are likely, with lightning and gusty winds in the stronger storms. Be ready for downpours!

TROPICAL STORM FORMATION LIKELY EAST OF ANTILLES… A tropical wave that moved off the coast of Africa several days ago continues to move westward toward the Leeward Islands and Puerto Rico. This tropical wave is increasing in organization, and a tropical depression will likely form today or tomorrow. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) says there’s a 70% chance of development over the next 2-5 days. This system won’t pose a threat to land until this weekend when it approaches the Lesser Antilles/Leeward Islands. The good news is that upper-level winds (shear) will likely weaken the system this weekend. The environment will likely be more hostile for tropical development by then, and there’s a chance that the system could be ripped apart before it has a chance to move even farther westward.

TROPICAL LOW IN ATLANTIC… Another tropical low pressure area is located just south of Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean, drifting east. NHC says there’s a 50% chance this system will become a tropical storm over the next few days as it recurves out into the Atlantic. Good news is that regardless of development, this system likely won’t affect land directly.

WEEKEND PREVIEW… Simply: More of the same. Scattered thunderstorms will be around this weekend across our region. High temperatures remain near 90 with morning lows in the 70s. That’s very seasonal this time of year and exactly what climatology suggests.

See all the details in your Thursday #rzw forecast video on the RedZone Weather Facebook Page… Enjoy the day!!

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