7:01AM July 6, 2018

SCATTERED STORMS TODAY; TRACKING BERYL… Pop-up thunderstorms are likely again across south Alabama and northwest Florida today. These storms are seabreeze-induced and not associated with a tropical system. We are, however, tracking two tropical systems that remain well away from our local area. Here are all the details…

HURRICANE BERYL IN ATLANTIC… Tropical Depression Two formed yesterday morning in the tropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The depression quickly strengthened into Tropical Storm Beryl Thursday afternoon. The system ramped up to a hurricane this morning. The headline with Beryl remains… The system will likely strengthen through Saturday before quickly weakening on Sunday. Confidence is high that this system will never come close to Alabama or northwest Florida.

HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT AHEAD FOR BERYL… Again, in the short term through Saturday, Beryl may be able to continue to isolate itself from the dry air that basically surrounds the system. That dry air is one factor working against the system. Atmospheric shear will increase dramatically starting Saturday evening, however, as the system approaches the Lesser Antilles. This shear will likely be strong enough to rip the tropical system apart, causing complete dissipation within 4-5 days. The official forecast from the National Hurricane Center (NHC) calls for Beryl to be completely dissipated (aka “off the board”) on Monday. This forecast is very much in line with nearly all of the weather models, or “spaghetti plots” as well. No direct local impacts are expected at this time from this system for Alabama or northwest Florida.

TROPICAL DISTURBANCE SOUTHWEST OF BERMUDA… An area of disturbed weather currently situated east of the South Carolina coast is not moving much as of now. NHC says there is a 50% chance that this system could ramp up to a tropical storm before increasing forward speed, turning northeast, and moving out into the open waters of the northern Atlantic Ocean. No direct local impacts are expected from this system for Alabama or northwest Florida.

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All of your forecast details are in your Friday #rzw forecast video here… Have a wonderful weekend!

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