7:03AM July 11, 2018

SCATTERED STORMS TODAY… Showers and thunderstorms will again dot the landscape across south Alabama and northwest Florida. The greatest chance of rain will happen between 1PM and 7PM. It won’t be an all day washout, but there will be a few thunderstorms around and it’s impossible to say definitively exactly where those will happen.
CHRIS CONTINUES TO MOVE AWAY; BERYL REMNANTS… Hurricane Chris continues to move away from the United States east coast. The system will be quickly swept out to see by an approaching front over the next few days. We’re also monitoring what’s left of Tropical Storm Beryl. That system appears to now have a slight chance of redevelopment near The Bahamas in the days ahead. We can say, almost definitely, that based on the latest data, Beryl wouldn’t be a threat for our region regardless of redevelopment.
See all the details in your Wednesday #rzw forecast video… Enjoy the day!
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