1:06PM July 15, 2018

MANY THUNDERSTORMS LIKELY THIS AFTERNOON… “Loud and proud” thunderstorms are rapidly firing up across south Alabama and northwest Florida on this Sunday afternoon. At the moment, we note numerous small thunderstorms quickly firing up across Butler, Conecuh, Escambia (AL), Covington, and Escambia (FL) counties. I expect vast majority of us to have rainfall before the end of the day. Widespread severe weather is not expected, but cloud-to-ground lightning/thunder, gusty winds, and heavy downpours of rain ARE likely.

Golf players and other folks outside this afternoon should have a way to check the radar frequently. The radar tab of the RedZone Weather app (bottom left side) is a good way to do this.

INCREASED RAIN CHANCES THROUGH TUESDAY… While most of us managed to stay dry on Friday and Saturday, deep layer moisture values will be excessively high over the next few days. This will provide the fuel needed for large thunderstorms to pop up, primarily in the heat of the day today, tomorrow (Monday), and Tuesday.

TROPICS MUCH QUIETER… Hurricane Chris is long gone and Tropical Storm Beryl redeveloped this weekend over the far northern waters of the Atlantic Ocean, well north of Bermuda. Newfoundland in Canada will have yet another brush with a tropical system over the next few days as the remnants of Beryl rapidly move northeast. The remainder of the north Atlantic, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico remain quiet. I expect the next week or so in the tropics to primarily be quiet with no tropical storm formation.

APP… Please have a way to check the radar this afternoon if you’re planning to be outside. Be sure to visit the Alerts tab (lower right corner) here in the RZWeather app and then tap the large, yellow “Alert Settings” button to customize the alerts you’d like to get straight from me. I’ll be sending many Low-Level Alerts over the next few days. This is the club that gets the most alerts, so if you like a LOT of information sent to you via push notification, be sure to turn Low-Level Alerts ON.

Let me know if you have any weather-related questions. Have a great Sunday evening!

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