7:11PM July 19, 2018

STRONG THUNDERSTORMS AROUND… “Loud and proud” pop-up thunderstorms are running a little behind schedule today, but are nonetheless producing very heavy rain, dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning, and gusty winds in scattered spots across our area. As of this moment, the heaviest of rain is happening near Uriah, Goodway, Excel, Bagdad, Evergreen, Florala, Wing, Laurel Hill, and Dixie. Storms are slowly moving south.

STORMS MOVING IN… If you’re in Brewton, Flomaton, Pineview, Castleberry, Lenox, Huxford, Wallace, Appleton, Avalon Beach, Baker, Milligan, Holt, or surrounding areas of those communities, there is a high chance that heavy rain will be moving into your location within the next hour or so. The atmosphere is a tinderbox right now, essentially unleashing a lot of pent up energy from today. BE READY to move inside due to lightning and heavy rain!

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