11:34PM July 21, 2018

There are 3 areas of 4 distinct areas of thunderstorms happening right now across our region. Let’s break it down…

1. SEVERE STORM NEAR MCKENZIE… Clearly, the strongest storm at the moment is happening in southern Butler County over McKenzie, where large hail could be falling right now. This storm is rapidly entering northern Covington County. It appears the hail core will miss the heart of Andalusia just to the north, but if you’re north of Andalusia anywhere near Gantt Lake, Clearview, or Dozier (in southern Crenshaw County), be READY for large hail up to golfball size.

2. The storm that prompted a severe thunderstorm warning earlier for portions of Conecuh and Monroe counties has weakened considerably. This storm is currently producing heavy rain near Belleville in Conecuh County. The storm continues to weaken and should completely dissipate over the next few minutes. Might have a few raindrops in Castleberry, Old Sparta, Jay Villa, and Johnsonville over the next 10-15 minutes due to this decaying storm.

3. There is a developing storm over Mixonville in northern Conecuh County. This storm is following in the footsteps of the severe storm over McKenzie (previously mentioned). I expect heavy rain and lots of lightning (again) in Grace, Garland, and Georgiana in southern Butler County shortly.

4. A strong (almost severe) storm is happening in northern Butler County between Greenville and Ft. Deposit. I wouldn’t be shocked if another severe thunderstorm warning is needed shortly for northern Butler and Crenshaw counties. This storm is also tracking southeast. Heads up if you’re in Luverne! Large hail could develop with this storm as it approaches your area.

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