12:35PM July 30, 2018

MANY STORMS EAST OF I-65… Showers and thunderstorms have been numerous today across the eastern half of our local area. Scattered thunderstorms are producing heavy downpours of rain, lightning/thunder, and gusty winds. So far, no severe issues. Most of the storms today will stay well under severe limits. Storms will continue to pop up across our area and move eastward over the next few hours.

RADARS ARE DOWN… The high-resolution radar data from our two local radars (KMOB at Mobile, AL and KEVX at Eglin AFB in NW Florida) are temporarily down. Above is a shot of the Level 3 “backup” data. I have contacted the National Weather Service to see when the radars will return to service. Data in our RedZone Weather Interactive Radar and other radar apps are currently down.

Testing 123

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