10:01PM August 9, 2018

STORMS NOT MOVING… The lingering thunderstorms over southern portions of Conecuh and Monroe counties have not moved much at all over the last hour. Heavy rain continues along the Interstate 65 corridor between the Brewton/Repton exit (Exit 77) and the Owassa exit (Exit 101). Heavy rain is also happening near Range, Repton, Lenox, Sandcut, Frisco City, Mexia, Excel, and Megargal.

Storms are showing multiple signs of weakening, including overall lightning output decreasing over the last hour and rain rates somewhat decreasing. Most likely, storms will “rain themselves out” over these same areas over the next hour or so. The entire local area should be completely quiet by midnight. There will be storms offshore overnight due to the land breeze effect and another round of storms will happen across our local area on Friday.

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