12:31PM August 18, 2018

STRONG STORMS APPROACHING THOMASVILLE… A line of strong thunderstorms is approaching the northern stretches of Clarke County. Heavy rain, cloud-to-ground lightning, and gusty winds are likely in communities like Campbell, Sweet Water, Morvin, Silas, Bashi, Opine, Glover, Tallahatta Springs, Coffeeville, Atkeison, McEntrye, Pine Hill, Thomasville, and Tattlersville over the next 30-45 minutes.

ANOTHER ROUND OF STORMS… The rain and thunderstorms that moved from west to east earlier today has stabilized the atmosphere somewhat over south central Alabama and northwest Florida, but we note that small storms are beginning to pop up over Washington and Mobile counties. I expect the atmosphere to destabilize (yet again) across the region with storms popping up regionwide by 3PM. Scattered downpours of heavy rain will be likely.

Widespread severe weather is not expected today, but there will be some storms that are on the strong side.

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