7:01AM August 25, 2018

ISOLATED SHOWERS & STORMS TODAY; TROPICS QUIET AGAIN… The chance of your location having a shower/thunderstorm is going UP today. I expect the radar display to become active later this morning into the early part of the afternoon as showers and thunderstorms bubble up across our region. More of the same is expected in the next 7 days. We’ve also got an update on the tropics this morning and it’s good news. Let’s talk forecast details…

RAIN CHANCES INCREASE TODAY… We’ll call it a 40% chance of any given location across south Alabama and northwest Florida having rain before the end of the day. Severe weather is not expected. Just like all the storms we’ve had this summer, expect heavy rain, cloud-to-ground lightning, and gusty winds. High temperatures peak near 91°. Have a way to check the radar this afternoon… One of the ways you can do that is in the RedZone Weather app in the Radar tab or by visiting redzoneweather.com/radar in your favorite Internet browser.

SEASONAL AUGUST DAYS AHEAD… Your weather forecast will essentially be on repeat over the next 7 days with a 40-50% chance of showers and thunderstorms each day, with a concentration of storms in the afternoon and evening hours. Some may get rain everyday while some may see no rain at all. High temperatures will be in the low-90s with morning lows around 72°.

ATLANTIC BASIN QUIET AGAIN… It’s good news in your tropical update as a massive plume of Saharan desert dust is entering the eastern Atlantic Ocean. This dust will likely act as an inhibitor of tropical storm formation across the basin over the next week. The tropical wave that we mentioned in previous days will be a “victim” of this dust and likely NOT develop into a tropical storm. Great news! IF this trend continues, (and obviously that’s a big IF at this point) we would have a (well) below normal hurricane season, in terms of activity. That’s what I’m rooting for and I know you are as well!!

LANE NOW A TROPICAL STORM… Hurricane Lane has “weakened” into a tropical storm as it continues to bash the Hawaiian Islands with very heavy rain and flash flooding. I use the word “weakened” very cautiously as the impacts to Hawaii continue. Some parts of the Big Island of Hawaii have already had over a FOOT of rainfall. Tropical Storm Lane will continue to weaken as it slowly moves west, away from Hawaii, in the days ahead.

Let me know if you have specific forecast questions. Have a wonderful weekend!

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