6:51AM August 28, 2018

SCATTERED STORMS AGAIN THIS AFTERNOON… Another round of showers and thunderstorms will pop up this afternoon into this evening across south Alabama and northwest Florida. We’ve settled into a typical weather pattern for late August after a brief respite from the rain/storms last week. Widespread severe weather won’t happen today (the tornado risk is basically zero), but you know the drill in that the thunderstorms that do develop today will produce heavy rain, gusty winds, and ample lightning. High temperatures today will make a run at the mid-90s with heat index values in excess of 100° across the area.

MORE INTERMITTENTLY WET DAYS AHEAD… Rain chances will remain at or just above climatological values over the next few days, meaning we have a 30-50% chance of rain in each of the next 7 days. Typically in late August, the only thing that can change our persistent weather pattern featuring these afternoon storms and abundant heat is a hurricane/tropical system. Fortunately, the tropics remain quiet. Speaking of the tropics…

QUIET ATLANTIC BASIN… The Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, and north Atlantic remain eerily quiet for late August. Tropical/hurricane activity typically peaks in the Atlantic basin between August 15 and October 15. So far this year, QUIET. We note an absolutely massive plume of Saharan dust continues to blanket much of the tropical Atlantic Ocean between Africa and the Antilles, basically starving any tropical waves of necessary moisture to “thrive.” This is good news. It only takes ONE hurricane to make it a memorable year, but “so far, so good.” Let’s hope this trend continues into September!

I’ve got all the forecast details for you in your Tuesday #rzw forecast video that will be posted within the next hour here in the RZWeather app… Enjoy the day!

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