1:10AM October 26, 2018

SCATTERED SHOWERS MOVING EAST… The risk of severe storms continues to decrease as cool, dry air is now filtering into west Alabama. Showers are bringing heavy rain at the moment to communities like Milton, Bagdad, Whiting Field, Allentown, and Munson. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will continue to push eastward across our region. Most of the rain should be to our east by 8AM.

LAST UPDATE OF THE NIGHT… This will be my final update until about 6:35AM, unless we have an isolated severe storm before that. Convection has not fired up as anticipated thus far, meaning the overall risk of severe weather for any given spot (including coastal areas) remains very low. The risk remains very low, but it won’t be completely zero for areas near the immediate beaches until the dry air starts moving in behind the cold front.

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