10:36PM March 12, 2019

3RD EARTHQUAKE CONFIRMED: MAGNITUDE 2.3 NEAR FLOMATON… The U.S. Geological Survey confirms that yet another magnitude 2.3 minor earthquake happened Tuesday (March 12) evening at 8:27PM CDT. This explains why we had numerous reports of ground shaking in Escambia County, AL and Santa Rosa County, FL. This is the third earthquake in less than 9 days for this area. This latest quake had its epicenter near the intersection of Hillview Drive and U.S. Highway 31 near American Coffee House.

NOT A CAUSE FOR ALARM OR CONCERN… I just got off the phone with USGS Geophysicist Jessica Turner who indicates that these 3 small earthquakes are HIGHLY likely NOT a foreshock of a larger earthquake. Turner says that while it is unusual for our local area to have 3 minor quakes in such a short period of time, it is not a cause for concern or alarm. “There are numerous inactive faults east of the Rocky Mountains. Events like this are uncommon, but certainly not unprecedented.” Turner also says it is impossible to definitively link earthquakes like this to oil or gas exploration, which some have suggested may be a cause of the quakes.

THANKS FOR THE REPORTS… I appreciate everyone who instantly sends me messages when we have ground shaking. These earthquakes are highly localized and may not be detected by USGS if it weren’t for your consistent reporting. Let me know if you feel ground shaking or other minor earthquakes in the days and weeks ahead.

My next weather forecast video will be posted by 7:15AM. We’re tracking a storm system that may produce strong storms locally on Thursday. See you in the morning!

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