6:53AM May 14, 2019

GORGEOUS TUESDAY, MORE NICE DAYS AHEAD… Full sunshine is expected on this Tuesday across south Alabama and northwest Florida. High temperatures will be in the low-80s this afternoon. We’ve got a slew of nice, sunny, warm days ahead with NO rain in sight until at least the latter half of the weekend.

MILD NIGHTS & WARM DAYS AHEAD… Overnight lows will again drop into the 50s by 6AM on Wednesday. High temperatures will edge up into the 90s by the end of the week. Full sunshine is likely Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

NEXT RAIN CHANCE: LATE SUNDAY OR MONDAY… Some model indications point to a few pop up storms Sunday afternoon and evening, but the bigger rain chance will clearly be on Monday and Tuesday of the upcoming week when our next weather system will approach from the west.

LIGHTNING STRIKE RECOVERY CONTINUES… Thanks to everyone that has been so encouraging through this challenging situation of recovering our studio after a significant lightning strike impact on Sunday morning. We have made significant progress on getting the affected/dead equipment out. New equipment will be delivered today and on Wednesday for me to install. We plan to return to our “normal” video look by Monday. See more details about this here.

See your forecast details in your Tuesday #rzw forecast video… Have a great day!

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