6:51AM May 15, 2019

SUNNY WEDNESDAY; DRY, WARM DAYS AHEAD… Talk about NICE weather! It felt incredible outside on Tuesday throughout the day under full sunshine across south Alabama and northwest Florida. We’ve got another beautiful day upcoming on this Wednesday with high temperatures likely to be in the low-80s this afternoon. Humidity levels will be on the increase ever so slightly today ahead of higher humidity for the weekend.

NEXT RAIN CHANCE: SUNDAY… Isolated showers and thunderstorms will likely bubble up on Sunday afternoon and evening. Most spots should be dry, but you know the drill with the summertime storms: Where it rains, it truly HEAVY rains. We’ll be able to fine tune the forecast and get specific about rain amounts over the next few days.

LIGHTNING RECOVERY CONTINUES… Thanks to everyone that has been so encouraging through this challenging situation of recovering our studio after a significant lightning strike impact on Sunday morning. Our “studio rebuild” continues today. We plan to return to our “normal” video look by Monday. See more details about this here: https://www.facebook.com/rzweather/videos/2360210434017703/

See all the details in your Wednesday #rzw forecast video…

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