9:03PM July 13, 2019

FEW SMALL SHOWERS MOVING NORTH… Vast majority of south Alabama and northwest Florida is drying out after the rain in many spots today. There are a few small showers happening near McDavid, Bogia, Bluff Springs, Range, Carlton, Lyeffion, and Brownsdale. These showers are lifting to the north and seem to be slowly weakening.

RAIN & STORMS POSSIBLE AT TIMES OVERNIGHT… The air mass in place across our region is moist and conducive for more showers and thunderstorms to develop around the large counterclockwise circulation of Tropical Storm Barry. Don’t be surprised by heavy downpours of rain at times overnight. There could be some thunder involved as well. The overall tornado risk remains very low, but not quite zero (especially in west Alabama).

I’ll be intermittently checking the radar throughout the night with updates here in the RZW app and at redzoneweather.com as necessary.

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