12:11AM February 6, 2020

WHAT TO EXPECT – THROUGH 4AM… Showers and thunderstorms will likely increase in coverage over the next few hours across south Alabama and northwest Florida. The greatest severe weather risk in our local area in the near term will be over parts of Washington and Clarke counties as storms approach from the west. We will also need to keep an eye on any storms that can ramp up to strong levels similar to the one currently happening in northern Covington County. That cell is currently not severe, but it is the strongest storm in our local area as of 12:11AM. Flash flooding will also be a concern as small showers and storms already seem to be training over the same areas.

I’ll have intermittent radar updates over the next few hours. If a tornado warning polygon is required for any part of our local area, we will go into live video mode until the threat passes. Please have a way to get warnings before you go to sleep!

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