8:03PM November 30, 2020

FINALLY! HURRICANE SEASON HAS ENDED… The hyperactive 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season is over. After setting all kinds of records, including the most number of tropical storms ever recorded in a single season, I think we all can say: Good riddance.

LOCAL AREA HAD IMPACTS FROM 6 DIFFERENT STORMS… South Alabama and northwest Florida has varying levels of direct local impacts from seven of the named storms in the 2020 season. Tropical Storm Cristobal formed on the first official day of the hurricane season on June 1 before making landfall several days later in Louisiana. Cristobal caused one tornado warning locally in Baldwin County on Sunday, June 7 at 8AM. July was fairly quiet locally ahead of an increasingly busy August and September. Hurricane Laura made landfall to our west in Louisiana, sparing the local area of major impacts. Hurricane Marco caused rain across our region as the storm made landfall just to our southeast near the mouth of the Mississippi River. Hurricane Sally happened in mid-September and made landfall 16 years almost to the hour after Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Sally was a devastating storm to many local communities, causing damage at the coast and farther inland. Tropical Storm Beta made landfall in Texas, but its remnants moved through our area and caused a tornado warning in parts of Escambia (FL) and Santa Rosa counties. Hurricane Delta followed Beta only a week later, causing an entire overnight severe weather event with numerous tornado warnings. Only about 10 days later, Hurricane Zeta made landfall in Louisiana before causing extensive, widespread damage across southwest Alabama, especially for our inland zones. Zeta also caused several tornado warnings locally.

THANK YOU FOR WATCHING OUR HURRICANE COVERAGE… Thank you to each and every person who watched our long, extensive hurricane coverage this year. I am proud to say we never missed even one tornado warning prompted by all of the storms. Thank you also to our incredible RedZone Weather sponsors who make our weather coverage possible on good weather days and more importantly, on bad weather days. They are the good folks who empower us to deliver the coverage you have come to count on.

My next forecast video will be posted by 7:15AM on Tuesday. See you then!

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