7:21AM April 24, 2018

My apologies to certain users opted into our Daily Forecast Alerts category that just received 14 of the same daily forecast alert for today.

We are testing some new app tools that caused the same notification to inadvertently be posted 14 times. Please accept my apology for this inconvenience!

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10:37PM April 4, 2018


Good evening, RedZone Weather app users. I thank you for being a part of our growing RedZone community.

This evening, I’m excited to say we have submitted version 2.1 of the RedZone Weather app for Android devices only to the Google Play store. This update will roll out to all of our Android users over the next 24 hours. We released version 2.0 of the RedZone Weather app for Android as a public beta version on March 15. As of April 5, 2018, we’re launching the official version (2.1) and the beta tag will be removed in our advertising of the app.

If you’re reading this on an Android device, we encourage you to download the update ASAP. Why? The update fixes several critical/annoying bugs that would occasionally happen on certain Android devices. Many Android devices had no issues with version 2.0, but a few had strange “license activation error” messages that would sporadically appear. This, and several other bugs have been fixed.

There have been no reports of bugs on the iOS version 2.0 of the RedZone Weather app, thus no update is needed right now.

If you encounter a bug or have feedback about the app, please visit the App Menu (top left) and tap “App Support” to contact me.

Thank you for using our RedZone Weather app. We believe strongly in this app, in its function, and in its potential. Join me at 7:20AM for my next forecast video as we look ahead to the storms that will move through on Saturday. See you then!

Spinks Megginson
RedZone Weather

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