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Live Video Policy

LIVE SEVERE WEATHER COVERAGE… We provide high definition, live streaming video coverage during tornado warnings in southwest Alabama and northwest Florida. Meteorologist Spinks Megginson will be on-camera when tornado warnings are in effect locally discussing the latest details. Tap here to see more about our severe weather coverage policy and our specific coverage areas.

LIVE STREAMING RADAR COVERAGE… Live streaming radar coverage is provided during periods of active weather. Sometimes, even when the weather isn’t severe locally, there still may be strong storms in progress. You can watch the live radar data exactly as we see it in our studio via this stream during times of active weather. Spinks will not be on-camera during live streaming radar coverage, thus there is no audio provided. When live streaming radar coverage is not available, you can always check the radar in the Radar tab (bottom left tab) here in the RedZone Weather app.

Live Audio Policy

LIVE AUDIO COVERAGE… The best way to get information during our live severe weather coverage is via live video, available above. However, Wi-Fi is unavailable sometimes and cellular data coverage is sparse in certain areas across our region. The live audio stream uses much less data and is more likely to work in poor cellular coverage areas. The live audio stream is yet another backstop we have to try our best to help keep you safe during times of hazardous weather in southwest Alabama and northwest Florida.