8:19PM June 20, 2021

FINAL SURVEY REPORT ISSUED FOR BREWTON TONRADO... The National Weather Service completed the storm survey this evening for the significant tornado that affected East Brewton, Brewton, Kirkland, and Castleberry yesterday. The survey crew finalized the EF-2 rating. Note that the tornado was on the ground for a whopping 22 miles, making this a long track tornado. This is very rare for a tropical-induced tornado!
The final report issued by NWS is below:

Tropical Storm Claudette produced a significant tornado in Escambia County, AL, greatly impacting the East Brewton area and points northward into Conecuh County, AL. The following is the findings from the NWS Storm Survey team for this tornado. Additional surveys will be conducted for other possible tornadoes in the coming days.


Rating: EF-2
Est. Peak Wind: 127 mph
Path Length: 22.07 miles
Max. Path Width: 650 yards
Fatalities: None
Total Injuries: 20
Serious Injuries: 2

Start Date: Jun 19, 2021
Start Time: 7:31 AM CDT
Start Location: 2 Miles SW of East Brewton, AL
Start Lat/Lon: 31.0589/-87.0649

End Date: Jun 19, 2021
End Time: 7:56 AM CDT
End Location: 5 Miles NW of Castleberry, Al
End Lat/Lon: 31.3761/-87.0452

Survey Summary: The tornado first touched down on Jay Road just west of Highway 41 in Riverview. The tornado intensified and widened as it moved northeast into East Brewton, crossing over Highway 41. During this time, the tornado produced EF-1 intensity damage to numerous trees, homes, businesses in the area. Some of the most severe damage was located at the intersection of Forrest Avenue and Andrew Jackson Street where several mobile homes were completely destroyed. This was rated as EF-2 intensity damage. There was also significant roof damage to the auditorium at W.S. Neal High School. The tornado continued northeast and moved across Shoffner Street. Primarily EF-1 intensity damage to trees and homes was noted here, but a swath of EF-2 intensity tree damage was noted in a valley just north of Ballard Street. Major tree damage continued north across Cook Road. Additional major structural damage was observed along Riddle Road near Horseshoe Road. A single wide mobile home was completely destroyed with the frame tossed over a 100 yards away. The owner was ejected from the building and found near the frame and suffered serious injuries. A home on the north side of Riddle Road had its entire roof torn off. The tornado continued north, crossing Kirkland Road and Highway 31. Most of the damage was in the EF-1 range and most notably to trees.

The tornado crossed into Conecuh County and produced EF-1 damage on the west side of Castleberry, impacting areas of Braggert Road, Kennedy Street, and Durham McLendon Road. The tornado began to weaken as it moved north of west Cleveland Avenue but still produced spotty EF-0 to EF-1 damage all the way north to Interstate 65 where some tree damage was noted just north of the rest area. This is near where the tornado is estimated to have lifted. The survey team found no damage crossing Highway 84 further to the north.

Emergency Management reported up to 20 total injuries, mostly minor. However, there were 2 serious injuries.

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12:56PM June 20, 2021

EF2-RATED TORNADO DAMAGE IN EAST BREWTON… The National Weather Service is conducting storm survey damage in parts of Escambia County, AL today. The tornado that moved from East Brewton to Brewton to Kirkland to Castleberry on Saturday morning has been given an initial rating of EF2. This means that maximum winds in the tornado were likely between 111-135 mph. Please note that the tornado rating is subject to change as the storm survey crew continues their work today. No word yet on the path length or path width, but those details will be announced later today or tomorrow.

FEW STORMS NEAR THE COAST THIS AFTERNOON… Scattered showers and thunderstorms are happening on this Sunday afternoon in coastal communities. As of 12:55PM, heavy rain is happening near Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Pensacola Beach, Orange Beach, and Perdido Key. This band of rain extends westward to Sunny Cove and Alabama Port in Mobile County. More showers and thunderstorms will likely develop over the next several hours. Be ready for possible downpours in the hours ahead. Tornadoes are not expected locally today.

UPDATE ON TROPICAL DEPRESSION CLAUDETTE… Tropical Depression Claudette continues to move northeast on this Sunday afternoon. The center of the storm is located near Atlanta, Georgia as of midday. While the severe weather impacts from Claudette are long gone, we will continue to have coastal hazards, including rip currents and high surf today and on Monday. Claudette is expected to emerge into the Atlantic Ocean off the North Carolina coast tomorrow before moving out to sea. We note the remainder of the tropics are quiet with no new tropical storms expected to develop over the next few days.

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