9:25PM August 23, 2019

STORMS NORTH OF THOMASVILLE… Loud thunderstorms are happening across parts of Marengo County this evening. Storms are producing heavy rain near Nanafalia, Aimwell, and Sweet Water. These storms are nearly stationary, and at the moment it seems like storms will remain north of Clarke County.

Elsewhere across the region, we are dry. Temperatures are near the 80 degree mark.

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4:18PM August 23, 2019

SCATTERED STORMS CONTINUE… Randomly placed showers and thunderstorms continue to pop up across south Alabama and northwest Florida. At the moment, the heaviest downpours of rain are happening Evergreen, Rabb, Robertsdale, Summerdale, Uriah, and Goodway. Storms are generally drifting northward very slowly.

I expect showers and thunderstorms to fade over the next few hours as we begin to lose daytime heating.

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1:48PM August 23, 2019

HIGH CHANCE OF TROPICAL STORM FORMING EAST OF FLORIDA… The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has upped the probability of development of a tropical storm developing east of Florida this weekend. This has been branded as INVEST 98L. NHC now says there is a 70-80% chance of a tropical storm forming off the Atlantic coast of Florida over the next 3 days. It is critical for me to note that there will be NO direct local impacts in south Alabama or northwest Florida from this system, regardless of if formal development happens. This will likely become Tropical Storm Dorian over the next 24-48 hours as it lifts to the north and ultimately northeast. The system is expected to move into the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean by early next week, likely limiting the overall impact for the United States. Here are the key messages as of 1:30PM CDT…

NO LOCAL IMPACTS EXPECTED… Direct local impacts are not expected in Alabama or northwest Florida. “Locally heavy rains are possible over the northwestern Bahamas and southern and central Florida through the weekend, and near the coasts of South Carolina and North Carolina early next week. The system is also expected to produce rough surf and rip currents in these areas.”

NO GULF STORM ISSUES OVER THE NEXT 5 DAYS… No tropical storms or hurricanes are expected in the Gulf of Mexico over the next 5 days. We are watching an area of low pressure in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean between the Lesser Antilles and Africa. Development, if any, will be slow to happen.

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Have a good weekend!

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1:32PM August 23, 2019

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10:29AM August 23, 2019

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