9:44PM April 18, 2019

SERVER OVERLOAD RESOLVED…If you got a weird “Database connection error” or other error 18 minutes ago when I sent the last Medium-Level Alert, it’s because we had about 5,000 people at once tap into the notification, temporarily crashing our server farm. I have temporarily boosted the server capacity to 4 times what it was to get us through this severe weather event. Thanks for your patience. See below for the new severe thunderstorm warning for parts of Clarke and Washington counties!

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9:21PM April 18, 2019

SEVERE WEATHER RISK IS NOT OVER YET! BE ABLE TO GET WARNINGS OVERNIGHT… Here is what you need to know before you go to sleep tonight…

1) The severe weather risk is not over quite yet. Round 1 of storms is rapidly weakening across Covington, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, and Escambia (FL) counties. The storms look much less impressive as they move into Pensacola, Allentown, and Andalusia. Storms still look quite strong across Butler and Crenshaw counties, however, where a severe thunderstorm warning continues until 10:15PM.

2) We’re going to need to watch the developing storms in central Clarke County carefully over the next hour as that could be a discrete supercell storm that is forming and moving northeast toward Grove Hill, Fulton, and Thomasville. That cell will ultimately end up in western Wilcox County over the next hour.

3) Round #2 of storms has really ramped up across southeast Mississippi over the last hour. That line of storms extends from Waynesboro, MS southward to Bay Saint Louis, MS. Over the next hour, this line of storms will likely continue strengthening and push into west Alabama. TORNADO WARNINGS MAY STILL HAPPEN over the next 4-6 hours as this line of storms continues moving east, although the atmosphere is not AS conducive for severe storms at this point. SPC has trimmed back the Level 3 risk zone considerably (image below).

4) I will be able to give locations an “All Clear” as the cold front moves across our region overnight. We will do that here in the RedZone Weather app. Please keep in mind that, per our usual policy, we do not send Medium-Level Alerts or Low-Level Alerts between 11PM and 7AM as most people are sleeping. We do, however, send county tornado warning notifications at all hours. Our app noise isn’t like a Wireless Emergency Alert, however. You need to have something LOUD that will wake you up if a tornado warning is required for your area overnight.

5) Lingering showers are likely on Friday with temperatures in the 60s by midafternoon. A gorgeous, warm Easter weekend is ahead with NO weather issues for Saturday or Easter Sunday!

Updates will continue here in the RedZone Weather app. I’ll hop on Facebook Live if more tornado warnings happen!

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9:10PM April 18, 2019

WARNING CANCELLED… NWS Mobile has cancelled the severe thunderstorm warning that was in effect for parts of Escambia (AL), Escambia (FL), Santa Rosa, and southern Baldwin counties. Storms have weakened considerably to well below severe limits. Good news!

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