7:13AM April 11, 2018

SUNNY WEDNESDAY; STORMS SATURDAY… Fantastic, mild weather is in store for this Wednesday. Highs peak near 75° in most spots across south Alabama and northwest Florida. Strong thunderstorms will again be possible this weekend, particularly on Saturday, as yet another cold front sweeps across our area from west to east. There will be at least some risk of severe weather for our local area, including a risk of tornadoes and damaging straight line winds as a line of storms moves through. Let’s look at what we know…

NO ISSUES THROUGH FRIDAY… We’re starting a warming trend today. Highs today will be around 75°, Thursday’s high will be near 80° and we could make a run for the mid-80s in some spots by Friday. It’s all sunshine today and tomorrow before clouds start increasing across our region on Friday.

STRONG STORMS SATURDAY… The daytime hours of Saturday look to be QUITE wet across our region. 7AM to 7PM Saturday will be when the risk of strong storms is greatest. Isolated tornadoes and damaging wind gusts in the stronger storms will be the main concerns. We’ll be able to get a more detailed, refined timeframe over the next few days. This severe weather risk looks to be linear in nature, meaning a line of strong to potentially severe thunderstorms will move by. Again, models point to this line moving through during the daytime hours of Saturday. Outdoor plans should certainly have an indoor backup plan, at this point. I expect this to be a decent soaking of rain across our region, as well, with most spots picking up at least 1 inch of rain in total.

SHOWERS A.M. & CLEARING P.M. ON SUNDAY… Temperatures will be a bit cooler on Sunday and into Monday. We move from wet, cloudy conditions on Sunday morning to clearing skies by the evening hours.

SUNNY & MILD EARLY NEXT WEEK… After the passage of the cold front on Saturday/early Sunday, we will be noticeably cooler. In fact, I expect high temperatures on Monday to struggle to hit 70°. There’s good news, however, for those who are craving warmer weather. We quickly rebound on Tuesday into the 70s and likely make a run at 80° again by Wednesday of next week. That’s 7 days out, so trends can change, but those are the latest early indications.

All the graphics and more details about your forecast are in your Wednesday #rzw forecast video… Have a great day!

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