4:22PM April 12, 2018

LIVE TONIGHT… I’ll have a special live video update on Facebook Live around 8:15PM this evening. I will send out a medium-level alert in the RedZone Weather app announcing the live video. Be sure to see the post below for the excerpt from the latest Area Forecast Discussion issued by our local National Weather Service… There is good agreement/high confidence that there will be an enhanced risk (Level 3 out of 5) of severe weather across Alabama and northwest Florida Saturday P.M.

APP NOTIFICATIONS… I cannot stress this enough, and I would greatly appreciate you telling your family and your friends to do the same… I appreciate everyone who has downloaded the new version (2.0) of the RedZone Weather app. Be sure to visit the Alerts tab (in the bottom right corner), then tap the large, yellow “Alert Settings” button. Pick the alerts you want to receive from us in that window. I promise, we won’t annoy you with push notifications unlike other sources of weather content… We have a highly detailed description of what each of the alert toggles are on the Alerts tab. Low-Level Alerts = A LOT of alerts!

See you around 8:15PM!

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