1:27PM April 14, 2018

Latest radar data continues to show a strong line of thunderstorms (producing lots of lightning) entering west Alabama. Heavy rain and storms will begin shortly in Chatom, Silver Cross, Zimco, Fulton, Thomasville, Dixons Mills, and Sunny South.

Tornado Watch continues for all of our local counties (minus Covington and Okaloosa) until 7PM. NWS Mobile just sent an in-house note to us suggesting that storms will stall/slow down over west Alabama before gaining speed (and potentially increasing in strength) later this evening.

We are in studio watching radar trends carefully. Several tornado warnings have happened to our north in parts of Tuscaloosa, Greene, Hale, and Pickens counties over the last hour.

I’ll have a live video update on Facebook shortly. Here is a current view of the radar as of 1:27PM…

Testing 123

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