5:22PM November 12, 2018


TORNADO WATCH CANCELLED… The tornado watch that was in effect for several local counties has been cancelled as the severe weather risk locally comes to an end. Heavy rain will continue into the overnight hours with more rounds of rain expected on Tuesday and Wednesday. The risk of severe weather is now rapidly ending across south Alabama and northwest Florida. There still is a tiny risk of a strong storm happening in Crenshaw, Butler, Covington, or Okaloosa counties through 7PM, but even in those counties the atmosphere has stabilized quite a bit.

HEAVY RAIN NOW THE CONCERN… We’ll be closely monitoring rain totals over the next 48 hours as the focus shifts to heavy rain that could lead to instances of flash flooding. If you encounter a flooded roadway, please DO NOT attempt to drive on it. Too many people perish in America each year due to driving a vehicle over a water-covered roadway. It only takes a few inches of rapidly moving water to sweep a vehicle away! The phrase is, “Turn around, don’t drown!”

TORNADO WATCH CONTINUES TO OUR EAST… The tornado watch will continue until 7PM for counties just to our east in southeast Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. We also note a portion of Jackson County, Florida remains under a Tornado Warning for the next few minutes. If this circulation holds its strength, it will cross the AL/FL state line into Houston County south of Dothan within the next 20 minutes.

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