7:05AM November 23, 2018

SHOWERS & STORMS LIKELY TONIGHT… Cloud coverage will increase on this Friday ahead of a significant rain chance ahead for the overnight hours into Saturday morning. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be likely this evening after 6PM, especially near coastal areas of Alabama & NW Florida. While a few thunderstorms are possible overnight, the overall severe weather risk remains low. Saturday will be dry for the Iron Bowl in Tuscaloosa with temperatures in the 60s. We’re also looking ahead to our next chance of showers and thunderstorms on Sunday. Let’s talk details…

SHOWERS POSSIBLE LATER TODAY… Cloud coverage and rain chances will increase from west to east this afternoon across south Alabama and northwest Florida as an area of low pressure approaches from our west. There is a chance that a few of the thunderstorms that develop could be on the strong side near the immediate coastline. The overall risk of severe weather remains low, however.

STRONGER STORMS LIKELY OFFSHORE… The reason severe weather is unlikely today is because the warm, unstable air south of a warm front will be confined to areas offshore. Odds are that warm front won’t move northward into coastal areas, meaning the warm, moist air should remain trapped to our south. If that forecast holds, there will be no risk of severe weather. If the warm front manages to move northward into coastal counties, there could be a few stronger storms. The overall tornado risk for inland counties is zero. The tornado risk for coastal counties is very, very low. I’ll monitor radar trends throughout the evening and into the night and bring you the very latest in the RedZone Weather app.

RAIN MOVES OUT ON SATURDAY… We get a break from the rain during the P.M. hours of Saturday before another rain chance on Sunday. High temperatures on Saturday will surge into the low-70s. Rain chances are set to rise again on Sunday.

STORMS SUNDAY EVENING… Another round of showers and thunderstorms will move by due to yet another area of low pressure moving by on Sunday into Monday. The severe weather risk with this system is still uncertain, but so far, model guidance points to a good, soaking rain with little in the way of severe issues. Rain will move out early Monday morning, setting the stage for a nice, sunny Monday and Tuesday.

Have a great Friday!

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