6:56AM December 4, 2018

SUNNY TUESDAY; CALM FEW DAYS AHEAD… Grab the jackets and keep them handy on this Tuesday as cold, dry air continues to filter into our local area from the northwest. Ample sunshine is expected today and on Wednesday and Thursday. Rain chances will increase this weekend as an area of low pressure moves by on Saturday. Let’s talk details…

SUNNY & COOL THROUGH THURSDAY… Other than cold temperatures, potentially below freezing briefly, in the early morning hours for inland communities, weather hazards will stay away through Friday. High temperatures will be in the 50s over the next few days with morning lows deep into the 30s. Sunny skies during the day and clear skies at night are expected through Thursday.

ANOTHER ROUND OF STORMS THIS WEEKEND… Heavy rain is likely at times on Saturday as an area of low pressure moves from west to east across our area. There is considerable uncertainty at this point concerning the potential for strong to severe storms. Some models keep the center of the low pressure farther to our south over the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico. This would keep the warm sector well to our south, thus keeping the severe weather potential at or near zero for the local area. Other models, however, track the center of the low farther inland, brinigng at least part of our area into the warm sector. This would allow a few strong to severe thunderstorms to potentially happen. We’ll keep monitoring the potential over the next few days and bring you the latest.

See all the details in your Tuesday #rzw forecast video that is available today exclusively on Facebook here… Enjoy the day!

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