3:47PM April 30, 2019

RARE LEVEL 4 RISK FOR OKLAHOMA… No severe weather issues are expected today or over the next few days across Alabama or northwest Florida. We do note, however, that the Storm Prediction Center has just issued a special convective outlook upgrade for much of eastern Oklahoma where a Level 4 (out of 5) risk is now in place. Numerous tornado warnings are happening there.

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6:53AM April 30, 2019

SUNNY & WARM TODAY; FEW SHOWERS POSSIBLE WEDNESDAY… Today very well may be the warmest day of the year so far for many spots across south Alabama and northwest Florida. High temperatures will rise into the upper-80s by 3PM. Some spots may eclipse the 90 degree mark. Other than a few passing high clouds and maybe a few puffy, white cumulus clouds this afternoon, today should be mostly sunny. We could have a few showers around in the afternoon hours of Wednesday ahead of slightly higher rain chances for the end of the week. The good news is that severe weather parameters remain very low over the next 7 days. Let’s look at a few forecast details…

WEDNESDAY P.M. SHOWERS & STORMS… Tomorrow will be similar to how our typical summertime weather pattern is, in that we could have pop-up showers and thunderstorms in place across south Alabama and northwest Florida, particularly after 1PM. We’ll call it a 20-30% chance of rain, meaning MOST of us should remain dry and warm throughout the day on Wednesday. High temperatures will peak around 88°.

MORE SHOWERS POSSIBLE THURSDAY INTO FRIDAY… While an “all day washout” event is not expected on Thursday or Friday, we could have a few spotty showers around. Keep the rain gear handy. There could be a few thunderstorms involved in the afternoon hours each day. Severe weather, however, is not expected. High temperatures will be in the upper-80s with morning lows in the mid-60s.

See all the graphics and details in your Tuesday #rzw forecast video… Have a great day!

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1:38PM April 29, 2019

USGS CONFIRMS BOOM WAS NOT AN EARTHQUAKE… The startling sonic boom and minor shaking experienced by thousands of people this morning across parts of central Escambia (AL) and southern Conecuh counties in south Alabama was NOT caused by an earthquake. I just received a call back from the U.S. Geological Survey. After geophysicists reviewed the seismology data AND your Facebook comments in my initial post this morning, the USGS says this was a sonic boom/shockwave event that could have been caused by low-flying military aircraft.

Thanks to each person who commented about their experience in the initial post here. It is always helpful to have “ground truth” reports for weather-related and non-weather-related events like this!

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10:07AM April 29, 2019

GROUND SHAKING/BOOM IN BREWTON… Getting a ton of reports from across the greater Brewton area of a sonic boom and some reports of ground/house shaking. We need your help! If you felt the possible earthquake, please comment below where you were and what happened on the Facebook post here.

I’ll be in contact with USGS within the next hour. I’m in the middle of a weather presentation in Atmore.

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6:51AM April 29, 2019

GORGEOUS MONDAY; RAIN & STORMS POSSIBLE LATER THIS WEEK… The last two days of April are set to be dry, sunny, and warm with high temperatures peaking around 87° today (Monday) and on Tuesday. Isolated showers are possible on Wednesday and Thursday ahead of a slightly higher rain chance for Friday. While showers and general (non-severe) thunderstorms will become possible later this week, severe weather parameters remain very low for now. Let’s look at a few details…

PATCHY FOG THIS MORNING… Take it easy if you’re on the roads early this morning as there are areas of dense fog in place across our region. Fog will be possible in each of the next 5-7 mornings as a moist, warm air mass remains in place.

SUNNY & WARM THROUGH TUESDAY… High temperatures will be in the upper-80s today and tomorrow with nothing but sunshine and a few high passing clouds. There may be a few lower-level cumulus clouds in place by Tuesday afternoon across the region. No rain is expected until Wednesday.

FEW SHOWERS WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON… The latter half of this week will be a summer preview as afternoon showers and thunderstorms make their return on Wednesday. Not everyone will get wet, but there could be a few small downpours in place across the area in the afternoon and evening hours. High temperatures will again be in the mid- to upper-80s.

MORE SHOWERS & STORMS INTO THE WEEKEND… The highest rain chance out of the next 7 days likely will happen on Friday, although we note there are small rain chances Thursday and Saturday as well. There is a good chance that there will be some spots that pick up NO rain later this week, while some spots may get upwards of 1” of rain in total. It’s impossible to know where and when rain will happen just yet. We’ll keep monitoring trends and bring you the latest info later this week.

I’ll have forecast updates as needed today in the RedZone Weather app. Let me know if you have any questions. All the details and graphics are in your Monday #rzw forecast video… Have a great day!

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