3:40PM June 16, 2019

STORM DAMAGE NEAR MONROEVILLE… Getting numerous reports from the greater Monroeville, AL area early this evening suggesting that a significant patch of storm damage has happened. Please LET US KNOW if you know of damage. Here is what we know as of 3:40PM…

– Power lines are apparently down near the Monroe County Airport near the U.S. 84 and AL21 intersection at Ollie.

– Unconfirmed reports of the fireworks stand near Huddle House being flipped over.

– Just in: Unconfirmed report of a large tractor trailer truck being caught in the downed power lines near Ollie.

– My brother, Grant Megginson, happened to be passing through Monroeville as this storm ramped up. He tells me there are several trees with branches that have fallen. Several areas of minor storm damage were observed.

WIDESPREAD SEVERE WEATHER NOT EXPECTED… Pop-up thunderstorms continue to develop across south Alabama and northwest Florida. I suspect that a microburst is probably responsible for what transpired in/near Monroeville, although it’s too soon to say that conclusively. These are nasty, highly localized storms that produce heavy rain, lots of lightning, and gusty winds. The tornado risk today remains at or near zero, but damaging straight line winds can sometimes be just as serious as a tornado.

Again, please let us know if you have damage or know of any storm damage locally.

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