5:10PM June 25, 2019

WARNING UPDATE… The severe thunderstorm warning is now cancelled for Escambia County, FL. The severe thunderstorm capable of producing large hail and damaging wind gusts has completely moved into Santa Rosa County, FL. We encourage no driving on the Chumuckla Highway (which is Santa Rosa County Road 197 that connects Pace up to Jay) as large hail may be falling right now near Chumuckla and the soccer fields south of there along CR197. This storm is moving eastward toward Allentown, Point Baker, and Whiting Field. HEADS UP if you’re driving along FL87 or FL89. Those are the next two major roads in line to see hail and gusty winds along with very heavy downpours of rain. If you’re commuting home NORTHWARD on those two roads, I would pull over and wait this out in Milton. If you’re traveling southbound on FL87, I would pull off at Berrydale and wait this out.

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