4:30PM June 28, 2019

STRONGEST STORMS NOW OVER WESTERN HALF OF AREA… Strong pop-up thunderstorms continue to develop and slowly drift to the west, mainly across the western half of our local area. As of 4:30PM, the strongest storms are happening near Thomasville, Fulton, Franklin, Saraland, Satsuma, and Tillmans Corner. We also note numerous storms are blanketing much of Baldwin County on this Friday evening.

WHAT TO EXPECT – NEXT FEW HOURS… The overall coverage of thunderstorms will decrease slowly before sunset. After the sun goes down, we will begin to see a rapid decrease in the coverage of showers and storms. If your location has not had rain today, there is still a chance that you might. Keep the rain gear handy!

More storms are likely on Saturday afternoon and evening.

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