2:11AM July 13, 2019

WATCHING STORMS CAREFULLY… There seems to be somewhat of an uptick in the overall strength of the storms locally and in the storms just offshore. The storms about 20 miles south of Dauphin Island are rotating broadly and may be producing multiple waterspouts.

STRONG STORM NEAR MYRTLE GROVE… The strongest storm over land right now is the one just to the west of Myrtle Grove on the west side of the Pensacola metro. This storm is broadly rotating and may ramp up to trigger a tornado warning in the next 10-20 minutes.

HEAVY RAIN SOON NEAR ATMORE… Very heavy rain is about to move in to the western side of Escambia County, AL near Atmore, Poarch, Nokomis, and Canoe. These storms are under severe limits, but heavy rain is likely in those areas imminently.

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