6:51AM August 5, 2019

SCATTERED P.M. STORMS TODAY; MORE OF THE SAME THIS WEEK… Rain and storms will bubble up in the heat of the day on this Monday as another seasonal summer week kicks off. High temperatures will be in the low-90s this afternoon. Per our usual summer pattern, not everyone will have rain and storms today. Some spots may pick up an inch of rain before the end of the day, however. That is because of the scattered nature of the storms that are expected today and over the next few days. Let’s look at a few details…

P.M. STORMS THIS WEEK; HEAT & HUMIDITY SET TO CONTINUE… see absolutely nothing in the short- or medium-term weather model guidance that would suggest any big changes needed to our local weather forecast. High temperatures will be in the low- to mid-90s each day with morning lows around 72°. There will be at least some chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms each day in the next 7-10 days.

TROPICS BACK TO BEING QUIET, FOR NOW… As we first discussed in yesterday’s video, the tropics are quiet. INVEST 96L, the tropical wave over the Lesser Antilles, remains very unorganized due to upper-level winds howling in from the southwest. This is great news, as the National Hurricane Center says there is a near 0% chance of development from this system as it move northeast. The tropical wave may completely break apart as it moves over Hispaniola in the next day or two. The rest of the tropical Atlantic, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico all remain quiet with no tropical storm formation expected in the next 5 days.

See all the graphics and details in your Monday #rzw forecast video… Have a wonderful start to your week!

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